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This website is operated by Survee ApS, Denmark. The technical platform and payment of rewards is administrated by Cint AB, Sweden.

For GDPR, Survee ApS is the data controller, whilst Cint AB is the data processor.

Individuals may only use this website in accordance with these terms. It is always free to become a member. Participation in panel activities are always voluntary. Individuals can at anytime terminate their membership without any fees or obligations.


Survee Aps is serious about your right to privacy. You are welcome to read more about our privacy guidelines.

Membership requirements

Our panel is open for individuals age 14 and above and living in Australia. Membership is personal and requires an unique email address. It is not allowed to have several memberships using different email addresses.

We reserve the right to limit new members based on age, geography or gender in order to maintain a representative sample of the population.

Becoming a member

To become a member, it is a requirement that you provide us with truthful information during registration. If an individual provides any materially relevant information during sign-up that is found to be untrue, inaccurate, is not reasonably current nor complete, or Survee ApS or Cint AB has reasonable grounds to suspect such information is untrue, inaccurate, not reasonably current or complete, we have the right to terminate that individuals membership and refuse any and all current or future access to our website. We may also, upon our sole discretion, declare any accumulated rewards or prizes in any amount otherwise creditable to the individual to be considered null and void.

Survey invitation frequency

After completing a survey, members might experience a few days delay before being invited to participate in another survey. Even though we do everything possible to send out the highest number of surveys to our members, each individual member might experience variations in the number of surveys and might not receive as many surveys as he/she desires. We are under no obligation to offer a certain or minimum number of surveys to our members.

Unauthorized use

It is not allowed to manipulate the result of a panel, survey or payout on this website.

Keeping your profile up to date

Members of Survee are obligated to continuously update any changes in their personal information or other information in their profile. All updates can be done through the member pages.

Inactivity and termination of membership

If a member fails to participate in any surveys during 12 months, either Survee or Cint AB can choose to terminate the membership without further notice. Other reasons for immediate termination without prior notice includes, but am not limited to, inadequate or untruthful survey responses and the panel member having undeliverable e-mail address or mailboxes that are full after multiple attempts to contact the member. After termination, the member will no longer receive new invitations and cannot participate in existing surveys. Survee chooses whether to inform the member about termination of membership. If a user suspects that his/her membership has been terminated, it’s always possible to contact Survee ApS. In general, in cases where terminations are due to inactivity, outstanding payments may be claimed for 90 days following the date of termination. After that period, the individuals ability to claim an award will expire. Payment can be withhold or denied if the member failed to comply with the terms of use for this website.

Communication between member, Survee and Cint

By registering on the website, the member accepts to receive emails sent from Survee ApS and Cint AB, which contains invitations to participate in surveys. Participation is always voluntary. Survee ApS and Cint AB are also allowed to contact the member by email with relevant panel or membership information or if the member has accepted receiving newsletters. We read every email we receive and do our best to answer within 2-3 working days.

Ending your membership

Any member can at anytime end his/her membership in the Survee panel without any costs or obligations. Any outstanding payment below the payment threshold will be lost.

Earning rewards

By participating in a survey, you accept at any time to provide correct, precise, complete and truthful information about yourself. If you provide any information that is incorrect, incomplete or untruthful or if there is reason to suspect that such information is incorrect, incomplete or untruthful your survey response might not be accepted and as such you will not receive earnings for participating in that survey. Also, Survee ApS or Cint AB can choose to terminate your account and deny any future participation in surveys.


Cint AB administrates and handles payouts of any earnings made by participating in surveys through Survee. Please note that you are responsible for any taxes or fees from earnings made through our website.

How to contact us

To ensure you are up to date with any changes to this policy, please see the last updated section of this policy.

Questions regarding this policy, complaints about our practices and access requests should be directed to:

Survee Customer Service, hello@survee.co.uk

or by mail at:

Survee ApS, Lindbjegvej 44, DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark

Additional terms

Terms and Conditions for Panel Membership, Survey Participation and Use of Services

Last Updated October 2018

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